Budd Hopkins an Inspiration

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Budd Hopkins died on August 21st 2011, it’s a great loss to ufology and to the study of the alien abduction phenomenon.

Budd Hopkins brought the alien abduction phenomena into the main stream with his first two books Missing Time and Intruders (if you have not read these, I highly recommend that you do), the latter book being used for the basis of the TV mini series of the same name (Intruders).

It was this mini series which got me involved with ufology. I first saw the series around 1992/1993 when it aired on Sky One. I was around 11 years old and to be frank the idea that aliens were abducting humans and experimenting on them scared the hell out of me. But it also made me open my eyes about what could be out there.

From watching that series it lead me to watch another TV series called sightings which also aired on Sky One, which was a show about the unexplained ranging from ghost sightings to UFOs which fuelled my hunger for knowledge on the subject.

So in a way it is thanks to Budd Hopkins that I got involved with this subject. His book, which inspired the TV series which in turn inspired me.

I thank you Budd for the inspiration and you will be missed.