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By far the very best UFO/UFO related magazine that I have ever read was Graham Birdsall's UFO Magazine which sadly ceased shortly after Graham's death. This was such a great loss to British Ufology, not only did we lose one of our great Ufologist but we also lost the most detailed, non biased magazine in the country dedicated to the UFO phenomenon. There has been a void in this field since then which has not really been filled.


Not to long ago there was hope that this void would finally be filled by the UFO Matrix magazine, which was originally edited by renowned Ufologist Philip Mantle. Sadly this magazine also died a death, whether this was because of internal politics or was it because the days of printed magazines are no longer viable.


Sadly I personally think that the day of printed UFO magazines are over, which is a real shame. Waiting for the latest magazine to show up in your email inbox is not the same as one falling through the letter box in the morning, with the fresh printed smell and the texture you cannot beat it. But sadly I think emagazines are the future.


However there is a upside to this. The advantage of the emagazine is that you cut down the costs of producing a magazine substantially as there are no printing, postage or material cost which makes magazines dedicated to subject like UFO's viable again.


Two new emagazines have now surfaced ,UFO Truth magazine run and edited by former police officer Gary Heseltine and UFO Today magazine which is edited by former UFO Matrix editor Philip Mantle.


UFO Truth magazines first issue was May/June 2013 and is now on its 5th Issue and priced at 3.99 or you can have a yearly subscription currently on offer at 17.99. Gary states that unlike other magazines this magazine is aimed at people who believe that some UFO are ET in origin.


UFO Today magazines first issue was the end of 2013 and issue 2 is out now. Price wise, issue 1 was priced at 3.99 and issue 2 is priced at 2.99 or you can buy both issues for 5.00 there dont appear to be a yearly subscription on offer at the time of writing. Philip states that the magazine is open to every one to contribute whether a believer of sceptic and is not biased to any particular aspect of Ufology.


So which one to buy? Now that is the question. At the moment we have 2 magazines by 2 leading and respected Ufologists, I have just download both magazines and will be writing my review once I have read both. I just hope that there is room for both magazines and that they continue to grow from strength to strength and maybe that one or both of these magazines can be compared to the great UFO Magazine that we all sadly miss.